We're calling it - David Beckham's 'spotless' kitchen features the trend that's going to be biggest in 2024

We've been watching Netflix's new documentary 'Beckham', and there's a big reason David would love his kitchen backsplash material

David and Victoria Beckham
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Who doesn't love a good Netflix documentary? This week, we've been tuned into Beckham, which not only gives us some insight into the life and times of David and Victoria Beckham, and their family, but also a peek inside their home. 

The one thing that grabbed our attention most in their London mansion lies in the kitchen, where David explains how he's a bit obsessive when it comes to keeping their home clean and tidy. 

But, while his dedication to keeping the kitchen spotless may be impressive, we're more excited about the materiality of the space. The choices made in this kitchen are ahead of the curve when it comes to the kitchen trends we're predicting for 2024, especially when it comes to their backsplash. 

The Beckham's kitchen is a beautiful mix of materials, but it's their stainless steel kitchen backsplash that's particularly interesting. After all, stainless steel hasn't always been a favorite material for interior designers to use in kitchens. 'In the past, [stainless steel] had this futuristic, almost sci-fi look,' says architect Andrea Harbeck, founder of PEAM Design. It's also more associated with industrial kitchens which can, for people trying to create a luxurious look, feel a little raw and unrefined. 

However, modern interior designers are taking a new approach to stainless steel that not only elevates the material itself, but makes those materials around it feel more interesting and fresh. And David and Victoria's kitchen is a great example of how it can work. 


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'[Designers] introduced new surface finishes and combined them with warmer materials, giving them a more modern and inviting feel,’ says Andrea. 

Interior designer Tamsin Johnson agrees. 'I love that brushed matte and industrial finish against the glamour of something dramatic - like a Calacatta viola marble,' she says. 

'Stainless steel took a backseat to other trends for a bit, but is seeing a resurgence for its clean, polished aesthetic,' adds says Eilyn Jimenez, founder and creative director of interior design studio, Sire Design.  'Clients are requesting this design element because it is a way to bring the mid-century modern style into kitchens.'

The Beckham's kitchen combines a classic Shaker style cabinet door and dark stone countertops with a stainless steel with a slightly darker tone than the standard. This is complemented by shelving and a kitchen island made from rustic wood, adding a warmer element that elevates the color scheme. 

Paired with the recessed kitchen LED lighting integrated into the shelving above, the reflective nature of the stainless steel means the backsplash comes alive when the lights are switched on, too. 

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Is stainless steel easy to clean? 

For David, who confesses that he cleans the kitchen compulsively, stainless steel may have been the tactical choice for this space, 5oo. After all, there's a reason that it's used in professional kitchens. 

They're incredibly easy to clean, and because they're non-porous, they're resistant to stains (even from oil) and prevent bacteria for building up on your surfaces. 

A stainless steel kitchen

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However, it's worth knowing that if you like your kitchen to look pristine and "brand new" for as long as possible, stainless steel might not be the material. 'It's akin to a marble in that it gets a patina over time,' says Eilyn. 'Steel scratches – but that’s the beauty of it!'

But that's the genius of David and Victoria's kitchen. If patina isn't something you're looking for, by choosing a stainless steel kitchen backsplash, over countertops, there's last chance of scratching it.

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