‘It Will Effortlessly Elevate Your Space!’ 5 Bathroom Curation Tricks to Make It Feel Hotel-Like And More Homely, Too

Designers share their bathroom curation tricks to help you get that hotel-like look at home, while keeping it homely and warm

a green marble countertop in bathroom
(Image credit: Francois Coquerel. Design: Hauvette Madani )

There’s a special feeling when you’re in the bathroom of a really nice hotel. Like a mini spa all to yourself, it has all the elements to make you feel comfortable and pampered. Aside from the good quality beauty products and fluffy towels and robe, it’s how the space is designed that will deliver the overall elevated effect we all want to recreate at home.

The lights, the materials, the accessories, are all thoughtfully chosen to support a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Putting thought into designing your bathroom with this in mind will pay off every single day, and the good news is there are only a handful of elements you need to consider. Designers share their five curation tricks that will transform your modern bathroom with that coveted hotel-like look to make it feel sophisticated and homely too.

1. Go for both functional and statement lighting

wall lights in a small powder room

(Image credit: Benedetto Rebecca. Design: Charles Cohen Designs)

Great light is everything, especially in a bathroom, where you will need both bright, task focused lighting, and something warmer to give that hotel-like elevated feel. And it’s not just about function. Looks matter too. A beautifully designed hotel interior is all about attention to detail, and light fittings are a great opportunity to add an interesting element of décor.

‘Lighting creates a huge impact, both on and off. Bathroom lighting needs to work hard – it should be bright and functional in the mornings, but soft enough to wind down in the evenings,’ says lighting expert Nikki Wright. If possible, try to avoid downlights and opt for one ceiling light instead to give you that full space illumination. ‘A main ceiling light is recommended, then a statement wall light by a mirror or single pendants either side add additional practical light as well as a considered design element,’ explains Nikki.

2. Bring in marble details

wood bathroom vanity with two shelves and gray marble worktop, dark green tiles, large window and oval mirror

(Image credit: Eymeric Wilding Photography. Design: Mera Studio)

There’s nothing that creates an elevated feel quite like marble countertops in a bathroom. If the budget doesn’t allow for real marble, quartz and porcelain with a marble look will create a similar effect. ‘Aesthetically beautiful and highly practical, marble-look or tactile concrete-inspired countertops allow you to achieve a spa-like aesthetic without compromising on durability,’ says Caesarstone expert Jonathan Stanley.

Marble bathrooms are beautiful, but alternatives offer a more practical solution as they are very easy to maintain. ‘Perfect for wet areas such as sink countertops and backsplash, these alternatives are non-absorbent, non-porous, and extremely easy to clean, making them ideal for the bathroom,’ adds the expert. 

If changing your vanity surface is not something you’re planning on doing right not, you can still bring in elements of marble with accessories like soap dispensers, containers or cosmetic trays where you can embrace real marble without worrying too much about its maintenance. Just make sure they match, to create a cohesive look. 

3. Add a beautiful rug

bathroom with white walls, freestanding bath, dark floors and rug

(Image credit: Knots Rugs x Nat Maks)

Interior designers are blurring the boundaries when it comes to designs that are specific to certain areas. For instance, just because we’re talking bathrooms, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let other areas of the home inspire us. What successful hotels get right is an effortless mix of function and comfort, and surprising design details that inspire us to try and recreate at home.

Not something you’d normally see in a bathroom, founder of Knots Rugs, Bonnie Sutton, tells me that ‘placing a beautiful rug in a bathroom will really lift the space’. Forget the old bathmat, and bring in a comfortable rug that you can place along your bath or running through the middle of the space. It will look chic and make your space feel more homely.

4. Opt for unique cabinet handles

bathroom with shower and green vanity with drawers

(Image credit: Manolo Langis. Brandon Architects and Brooke Wagner Design)

Small details chosen carefully can make a big difference to how you perceive a space, and the designers of the best hotels know how to make use of this. Beautiful, unique bathroom cabinet handles are one of those elements that will effortlessly elevate your space, quick. ‘When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, the small details can make a huge impact on your design,’ tells me Bathroom Design Expert at PIRCH Amber Peterson.

‘The right choice of knobs or pulls (or a mixture of both) can effortlessly elevate your design and complement other elements of your space like fixtures, cabinetry, and surfaces. Hardware is like jewellery for your home. Just like jewellery puts the final touches on an outfit, hardware is the finishing detail that pulls your whole bathroom design together,’ she explains.

5. Fit elevated curtain panels

Deep purple bathroom with traditional sink and recessed shower curtain

(Image credit: Matti Gresham Photography. Design by Urbanology Designs)

Coming back to the theme of getting inspired by other areas of the home, interior designer Bethany Adams tells me to ditch the basic, cheap looking shower curtains. ‘The easiest way to achieve a luxe look is to purchase a set of curtain panels,' she says. Think "elevated" shower curtains. 'Use them to frame your shower. Line them with your standard plastic or fabric liners, and you're good to go!’ adds the designer. And if you want to take it one step further, Bethany advises to switch out your curtain rod for a luxe brass one and match the curtain rings. 

Don’t forget the final touch

The main point to remember when trying to emulate a hotel-like look in your bathroom is the feeling that good design creates: that of an elevated, comfortable space. Finally, think away from the traditional, cold bathroom setting and bring in elements of décor and accessories that create a cosy, spa-like atmosphere. ‘Add a pretty vase of flowers to your vanity. Get rid of mismatched towels and invest in a good, fluffy set of hotel white linens. Add a fancy candle and you'll be ready for your next staycation!’ encourages Bethany.

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