The 12 Best Wayfair Table Lamps Are All Under $200 — And Our Style Editor Wants The Lot

These 12 best Wayfair table lamps are the perfect excuse to get a head start on your President's Day sale shopping. With discounts up to 78% off

The best Wayfair table lamps, according to a style editor.
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There's so much fun to be snooping around the Wayfair table lamp section. Its charm isn’t limited to illumination; as with much of Wayfair, it adds a sense of novelty and ambience to your space. The pieces here are like the cherry on top of your lighting design, creating an instant cozy atmosphere whether you're working late or simply relaxing in its warm glow.

Which is why I've created this Wayfair's editor's choice selection, fulfilling all your table lamp dreams and then some. According to interior designer Artem Kropovinsky, table lamps are quite the multitaskers. Sure, they're perfect for desks, but why stop there? Kropovinsky urges us to be creative! 'Table lamps are just as at home perched on a side table or pedestal, adding a touch of elegance anywhere you please,' he says. 'And when it comes to picking the perfect lamp, Kropovinsky suggests starting with a “sturdy base build” and a shade that “scatters light with its airy appearance.'

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The 12 Best Table Lamps from Wayfair

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According to designer Artem Kropovinsky, table lamp trends are skewing increasingly minimal, “moving towards more simplified design connotations.” To this end, the designer notes a rising interest in incorporating natural materials into lamp designs, adding a touch of unique character to the mix. 

Finally, an exciting moment for the tech-savvy: the designer predicts a surge in “smart attributes such as dimmers,” offering personalized illumination — now that’s a bright idea we can get behind!

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