'It's the Most Sophisticated Alternative to Plain Sheets' — The 12 Best Striped Bedding Sets to Buy Right Now

The best striped bedding sets are a great alternative to plain white sheets when you want to add some personality to your bedroom, and they can look just as timeless

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Stripes are embedded into our language of design. They appear not only across zebras and tigers in the wild but also across a variety of plants, insects, and birds. Architects, artists, and interior designers have looked to stripes, be they thick, thin, large, or small in their work and bedding is no exception.

Striped bedding sets not only encourage a sense of movement and depth in your interior, but they are also a timeless and sophisticated style to look to. After searching and scouring through the best home décor stores, we've created a curated selection of the best bedding sets featuring beautiful stripes.

1. Striped Blue & White Bedding Sets

2. Striped Cotton Bedding Sets

3. Striped Colorful Bedding Sets

4. Striped Neutral Bedding Sets

Why choose ticking stripe bedding?

The ticking stripe refers to the original utilitarian fabric of choice, ticking fabric. Used by seamstresses, mattress makers, artists as a practical and sturdy fabric to create forms that would stand the test of time, this fabric has come a long way. Although the fabric does come in a plain linen-like form, the French were the first to introduce it to a smart stripe in red or blue. American designer, Sister Parish gave rise to the ticking stripe as an interior design staple when she decorated her apartment with the fabric during the 1930s. Since then, the immortalized ticking stripe has covered sofas, chairs, curtains, and bedding. Choosing it for your bedding design ensures your bedding will never go out of style. Remember to make an authentic choice that reflects your personality. The original ticking stripe works best with more elegant and classic aesthetic styles. This is an approach that interior designers agree with as Greg Natale shares. “Ticking stripe bedding works best in a traditional interior,” says international interior designer, Greg Natale. You may want to opt for a more contemporary take on the ticking stripe that plays with scale and color if you’re looking for bedding for a more modern home.

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