The 12 Best Comforters - Stay Warm All Winter With No Big Heating Bills Required

The 12 best comforters as chosen by the Livingetc team for their warmth, durablity, style and price tag. Stay warm all winter, and cozy all year

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Although it's known by many names across the globe, a good comforter's appeal is universal. This thick and cozy cover keeps you warm at night but also forms a key aspect of your bedscape. The filling of your comforter greatly impacts not only its insulating capabilities but also how it feels. Whilst goose or duck down feathers are both lightweight and warm, wool is a great option for those who feel warmer at night and are seeking a hypoallergenic option. 

Polyester is also a widely used option for comforters as they are more affordable than natural options. Explore our best bedding sets feature to help you get started, alongside a curated list of our the Livingetc team's favorites is a useful bedding guide that explains what to look out for when finding your perfect set. If it's a comforter you're on the lookout for, discover our top picks from the best home decor stores below. From organic options to colorful creations,  there is an option for everyone. 

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Which comforters are best for winter?

The worst thing on a cold night is the realization that your comforter is not quite up to the task. Whilst it might appear that all cozy-looking comforters would keep you warm on a winter’s night, some are better suited to the task than others. Our advice for avoiding disappointment is to look at the fine print. The devil really is in the detail and reading into the fill composition of your comforter and its intended use is well worth doing. 

“To create a cozy winter retreat, look for comforters or duvets with a higher TOG rating. This rating reflects their warmth and thermal insulation properties. Consider your personal comfort preferences and body temperature,” says award-winning interior designer Shalini Misra. 

Personal preference is a key point here, if you are buying for you and your partner, consider their needs too. For those who worry about feeling overheated by their comforter, lightweight and breathable options like cotton or duck down may prove to be a better investment. Goose down is a perfect solution for those who want extra warmth, a sentiment echoed by Misra. “Premium options like down and feather duvets offer luxurious thickness for a warm and inviting feel. Alternatively, wool is an excellent insulator, lending a snug and comfortable touch to your bedding,” adds Shalini. 

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