The 12 Best Brushed Cotton Bedding Sets — Warm, Welcoming and Wonderful

The Livingetc editors have chosen the 12 best brushed cotton bedding sets — perfect for their soft texture and luxe feel

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Brushed cotton might seem like another name for the popular natural fiber used for bedding, but it actually takes the material one step further. Through the process of brushing, excess lint is removed and the existing cotton fibers are given a soft smooth finish. If you're looking for that extra cozy and enticing feel, the best brushed cotton bedding sets could be the way to go. 

We've searched and scoured to find you the very best bedding sets. Coming from the the best home décor stores they range from every shade of blue and fun florals to classic white and neutral options.

1. Brushed Cotton Blue Bedding

2. Brushed Cotton Neutral Bedding

3. Brushed Cotton White Bedding

4. Brushed Cotton Floral Bedding

Why should you choose brushed-cotton bed linen?

Brushed cotton's most immediate benefit is the added softness. The process of brushing the cotton raises the finer yarns to the surface and covers the weave in a fluffy finish. Cotton in general has a lot of benefits as international designer Greg Natale mentions. 

“Light and breathable, making it great for summer,” reveals Natale. If you're looking for a more warming texture for your bed, brushed cotton is more advantageous than its regular cotton which has a more smooth and crisp feel to it. Brushed cotton also doesn't pile which makes it very long-lasting so you can sleep easy knowing your bed will always be that warm and welcoming. 

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