Hisense vs TCL — Budget-Friendly TV Brands, But Which is the Best — And Has the Best President's Day Deals — in 2024?

Trying to decide between Hisense or TCL TVs for your home? Here's a comparison of two budget-friendly brands to help you make the best choice

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If you're looking to buy a new television right now, you're probably thinking about how you can get the very best technology for the lowest possible price, so it would make sense for you to be looking at brands traditionally found at the lower end of the market for possible options.

Hisense and TCL are two of those brands, with the latest technology available at a slightly more affordable price - if you know what to look for. But how to choose between them, and can these TVs really be as good as those from Samsung, Sony, LG, or another high-profile manufacturer?

We've been keeping our eye on what all of the home cinema brands have been doing over the last year, and we're here to tell you that both Hisense and TCL are excellent options. We've compared the offerings of both below, so keep reading if you're struggling with the choice. For more, you can head to our guide to the best TV brands.

Hisense vs TCL: President's Day Deals

Hisense vs TCL: Pricing

As already said, both Hisense and TCL are often considered more budget-friendly options than rivals like LG, Samsung, and Sony, but how true is that now?

The most affordable option from TCL is its 32" Full HD 3-Series TV, which is the oldest model in the smallest size, for $180. If you want 4K, you will need to go for the 4-Series TV, which is available in sizes 43" ($300) to 85" ($1,300). In contrast, the brand's 85" XL TV is its most expensive, setting you back $2,300. Finally, it's 8K option - the 6-Series in 65" and 75" costs from $2,000.

The cheapest option from Hisense is its 32" HD H55 TV for $160. This is slightly less than TCL's equivalent but offers a somewhat lower resolution. For Full HD, the first option is the A4G Vidaa TV, priced at $250, and 4K comes in with the 43" A6 TV at $270 (also available up to 75" at $680). The top price from Hisense is $2,000 for the 75" U9DG, and you can go for the 75" ($1,800) U800GR for 8K.

  • Verdict: While TCL is the right choice for a super-super-budget standard LED model, but you will save money with Hisense in most other areas, including 8K resolution.

Hisense A7 TV

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Hisense vs TCL: Display technology

The first thing to note about TCL and Hisense is that neither widely offers OLED panels for their TVs. TCL has, however, adopted QLED for a small number of its TVs, which is considered by most to be Samsung's equivalent technology. It basically means that these TVs have a quantum dot layer that boosts brightness and contrast.

A number of TCL models have also adopted Mini-LED technology - which is able to fit more lights into the same-size screen - while Hisense has opted for its own Quantum ULED - technology enhancing backlights, motion, and colors.

If the sound is important to you, it's worth keeping an eye out for built-in Dolby Atmos to avoid needing to purchase one of the best soundbars straight away. For this, you'll want to go for a Hisense TV, with the cheapest option being the $800 65" U6GR Quantum ULED 4K Roku TV.

  • Verdict: Hisense wins by a hair, with superior sound technology and its own Quantum ULED technology. That said, the display tech and image quality for TCL is also good, and you won't go far wrong with either so long as you do your research. 


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Hisense vs TCL: Formats and operating systems

Many have a personal preference when it comes to smart TV platforms, and we know that they can make or break a TV purchase. Unlike Samsung, LG, and some other brands, TCL and Hisense don't have their own operating systems, and so the choice comes down to Roku, Android, or Google TV. Many models even give you an option.

Speaking of that choice, Hisense has more Android TV than TCL, while the opposite is true for Roku, and it's more or less even for Google TV. If you want our opinion on that particular system (tease: we love it!), you can read our review of the Chromecast with Google TV.

As for smart assistants, this is strictly Google Assistant territory, and you won't find Alexa built into a TCL or Hisense television right now. Both brands do support compatibility for the smart assistant on various models, however, as well as for Apple's Siri if you already have the system at home.

  • Verdict: It's a tie! Whether you want to go for Roku, Google or Android streaming technology comes down to how you navigate and watch TV, while Google Assistant is the name of the game across both brands' ranges.

Hisense A63H TV

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Hisense vs TCL: Our verdict

Both TCL and Hisense offer great, affordable options that lack some of the buzz and style of the more well-known brands but nonetheless have plenty of substance. In most cases, the pair were neck and neck in our comparisons, but if pressured to pick a winner, we would give the trophy to Hisense with its slightly lower prices.

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